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NutriPlus Bone In Karaage with Soy Garlic Sauce (790 gm)

NutriPlus Chicken Frankfurter with Cheese (300 gm)

NutriPuls Smoke Chicken Frank (300 gm)

NutriPlus Crunchy Tempura Chicken Nuggets (Cheese) (800 gm)

RM 18.50RM 16.50Add to CartRM 5.60RM 5.00Out of StockRM 5.60RM 5.00Add to CartRM 11.20RM 10.00Out of Stock

NutriPlus Premium Chicken Cocktail Sausages (Cheese) (450 gm)

NutriPlus Popcorn Chicken (800 gm)

NutriPlus Popcorn Chicken (Cheese) (700 gm)

NutriPlus Premium Nuggets with Spicy Sauce (800 gm)

RM 8.90RM 8.00Out of StockRM 15.80RM 14.20Add to CartRM 15.80RM 14.20Add to CartRM 15.20RM 13.70Add to Cart

Happy Sea White Prawn Hoso (Meng Har) 31/40 (1 kg)

Happy Cooked Black Tiger Prawn 31/40 (700 gm)

Dragon Tiger Grouper (Gutted & Scaled Off) - Kerapu (800 gm ĘC 1.2 kg)

RM 41.90RM 37.90Add to CartRM 44.60RM 39.90Add to CartRM 63.90RM 56.90Add to Cart 

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